Tutoring Elementary School Students

Debbie Hoffmeister

Helping children and building lasting relationships

MarketVision’s Debbie Hoffmeister has been tutoring a 3rd grader, Jada, at a local elementary school with Whiz Kids Tutoring each Monday.
Debbie and Jada enjoy their time together – reading a book each week, talking about the book, doing worksheets to make sure Jada comprehends what she’s reading and can show that she does - and just sharing the stories of their lives.  A couple of months ago, her mom’s work schedule changed and she wasn’t able to pick Jada up in time so she wasn’t able to participate anymore.  But Debbie offered to bring her home each week so they could continue their meetings.  
It’s turned into a great friendship over the school year and they continue to meet up through the summer, even getting together with the family to celebrate Jada’s successful 3rd grade year. Her name was on the wall of the school because her standardized testing went up at least 50 points this year!