MarketVision Team Members Take Service Hours to a New Level

MarketVision’s team is using service hours to make a difference in our communities.

Since we were founded in 1983, MarketVision has always believed in the value of community service and is committed to being an active participant in making our communities a better place to work and to live. This commitment continues to this day, and in our last quarter alone our team members spent service hours to help feed the hungry, mentor and educate children, and to support local arts and youth activities.

MarketVision is proud to offer our team members service hours to use as they wish in the community. Thank you to all our team members who contribute their time to make the world a better place.

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MarketVision Presenting at the 2018 Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Conference

Blue Ash, OH - - MarketVision is pleased to announce its selection as speaker at The Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Conference in Newark, NJ. Dr. Joel Schindler will be presenting highlights from our third year of research with cancer patients focused on issues of increasing costs of treatment and compliance.

The Pharmaceutical Market Research Conference -

Track C
Cancer Drug Compliance: Pathology, Risks and Costs
Joel Schindler, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, MarketVision Research

February 15th
11:25am – 12:00 noon

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MarketVision Presenting at 2018 Quirks Event

Blue Ash, OH - - MarketVision is proud to announce its participation as a co-presenter at January’s The Quirks Event in Irvine, CA.

MarketVision’s Tom Donnelly, PhD, Vice President will be presenting with Dave Norton, PhD, Founder of Stone Mantel about the 2017 Digital Healthcare Collaborative.

The 2017 Digital Healthcare Collaborative is a partnership involving non-competing, industry-leading companies joining together to go deep into the lives and digital engagement needs of patients.

The Quirks Event (West)

The Quirks Event

MarketVision’s Tom Donnelly, PhD, receives PMRG Circle of Excellence Award

Blue Ash, OH - - MarketVision is proud to announce Tom Donnelly, PhD, Vice President, has received the 2017 PMRG Circle of Excellence Award.

The PMRG Circle of Excellence Award honors PMRG volunteers in recognition of their extraordinary efforts and commitments toward advancing PMRG in the past 12 months. This year’s award goes to healthcare market leaders who have played an integral role in the success of PMRG’s Health Literacy Initiative (HLI) taskforce.

Tom Donnelly, PhD, led the PMRG Health Literacy Initiative’s first primary research study with physicians and patients to investigate the relationship between compliance and comprehension. He further led and designed the team’s poster and article summarizing the findings. The article will appear in Quirk’s October issue.

Tom Donnelly

MarketVision Presenting at the PMRG Institute

Blue Ash, OH - - MarketVision announces its participation in the 2017 PMRG Institute in New Brunswick, NJ. MarketVision’s Kendall Gay, Vice President, and Chris Mosso from Integra LifeSciences will be presenting October 3rd as part of the MD&D Track.

PMRG Session Details
Buying Process Research: Consumer Methods Applied to Healthcare Marketing Research
Kendall Gay and Chris Mosso

MD&D Track
Regency B
2:10PM – 2:55PM

The PMRG Institute

pmrg institute