Tutoring Elementary School Students

Debbie Hoffmeister

Helping children and building lasting relationships

MarketVision’s Debbie Hoffmeister has been tutoring a 3rd grader, Jada, at a local elementary school with Whiz Kids Tutoring each Monday.
Debbie and Jada enjoy their time together – reading a book each week, talking about the book, doing worksheets to make sure Jada comprehends what she’s reading and can show that she does - and just sharing the stories of their lives.  A couple of months ago, her mom’s work schedule changed and she wasn’t able to pick Jada up in time so she wasn’t able to participate anymore.  But Debbie offered to bring her home each week so they could continue their meetings.  
It’s turned into a great friendship over the school year and they continue to meet up through the summer, even getting together with the family to celebrate Jada’s successful 3rd grade year. Her name was on the wall of the school because her standardized testing went up at least 50 points this year! 


Young Life Camp

Bethany Schnur


Helping Teens Connect with Others

Young Life takes kids away from their fast paced lives filled with sports, work and pressures of fitting in with their peers. Through a week of outdoor adventure and fun, students are able to connect with each other without the use of technology and shown they are special, not because of their own achievement but just for who they are. Students aren’t allowed to use their phones and instead are encouraged to participate in games and conversations throughout the week. It’s a chance for teens to reset and focus on what matters the most.

More than 60 teenagers took part in this week long camp and MarketVision’s Bethany Schnur participated as a volunteer leader. The experience has a tremendous impact on the teens, leaving them and the volunteers with memories that will last a lifetime. 

MarketVision Presenting at the PBIRG Annual General Meeting

Blue Ash, OH - - MarketVision is pleased to announce its selection as speaker at the 2015 PBIRG Annual General Meeting May 18th in New Orleans, LA. Colleen Harris and Ed Maroon will be presenting with Maria Cristina Antonio from Novo Nordisk about Online Communities. 
PBIRG Annual General Meeting - http://www.pbirg.com/Media.aspx?f=AGM15.2015AGM-RegistrationBrochure
Speaker: Colleen Harris and Ed Maroon from MarketVision, and Maria Cristina Antonio from Novo Nordisk 
Session Title: Deeper Connections Through Online Communitie:s A case study – Novo Nordisk and MarketVision

View the Flyer: 


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