Online Communities

MROCs – Marketing Research Online Communities – One of the fastest growing areas of market research because MROCs are so cost effective.  Online communities combine the strategy of traditional qualitative and quantitative research with the technology that powers social media, to create a platform for a dynamic research conversation.

Online communities save time and money and show a valuable ROI because the work is happening 24/7 for our clients.  Always recruited and waiting, consumers engage when they have time and from where they are most comfortable.  We get in-the-moment feedback, with a longitudinal view.  
With MarketVision Research’s proprietary online community platform, clients gain insights through the use of discussion boards, blogs, short polls, chat sessions, collages, and surveys with consumers or patients. In addition, MarketVision has a mobile app that allows both the community members and clients to engage, no matter where they are.
With over seven years of experience in building and managing online research communities for clients, we understand what it takes to provide an engaging and effective community research solution.