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MarketVision Research Announces Four Senior Promotions  

Lisa FridleyJoel SchindlerEmily TaylorBecky Schraffenberger

MarketVision Research announces the promotions of several team members. 

Lisa Fridley has been promoted to Senior Vice President. Lisa leads the Marketing Science team for MarketVision and continues to demonstrate leadership for our clients, for high quality research, and for all of her colleagues...



MarketVision Research Ranked a 2016 AMA Gold Top 50 Research Firm

AMA Gold 2016

MarketVision Research is honored to be recognized by the AMA and Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) as a 2016 Top 50 Research Firm. ...


Giving Back 

MarketVision’s Melinda Kizer Helping the Underserved in Indianapolis

Love Train OutreachLove Train is an outreach program in Indianapolis helping to bring the community together and provide a helping hand to those in need. The program began with 5 people handing out sack lunches and blankets on a street corner...


MarketVision Presenting at 2016’s The Quirks Event

MarketVision Presenting at 2016’s The Quirks Event

MarketVision is pleased to announce its selection as speaker at the 2016 The Quirks Event February 24th in Brooklyn, NY. Kurt Steigerwald will be presenting with Dave Norton from Stone Mantel about the 2015 Digital Consumer Collaborative, a partnership of major brands to understand the digital consumer...