Our Story

MarketVision Research was founded in 1983 by my father Don McMullen following a career in marketing research and advertising at Procter & Gamble. His goal was to create a company focused on providing the highest level of client service –the very same level of service that he was looking for, and always expected, when he was a client.

I joined MarketVision almost 20 years ago after working for a publicly-traded company. This corporate experience helped me better understand the challenges and opportunities that many of our clients face. These challenges include understanding customers on a deeper level and generating insights to drive break-through innovation.

Our clients know that our mission is to deeply connect with them so we can help them navigate this ever-complex and changing world with clarity, focus, and exceptional insights. Most importantly, building on the legacy of unique engagements my father always sought to deliver, we pride ourselves on always walking in the shoes of our clients in order to provide excellent and personalized service.

At MarketVision we deliver on this mission through our values of Authenticity, Craftsmanship, and Thoughtfulness. These are not aspirational values, but values that guide everything we do. Each one of us believes, and behaves, with these values in mind both individually and collectively, and it is these values that allow us to provide the level of service my father envisioned would make MarketVision unique.

I am honored to lead MarketVision and carry on this tradition and legacy of serving your unique challenges and needs.

Everyone at MarketVision looks forward to supporting you and learning how we can be of service. Contact us any time.



Tyler McMullen




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