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 CINCINNATI, OH (APRIL 15, 2021): Cincinnati marketing research and insight firms Burke, Inc., Directions Research, EMI Research Solutions, and MarketVision Research are excited to announce the creation and launch of the Minority Access Partnership Program - a unique multi-firm internship program to extend opportunities for growth, development and mentorship in research and insights, to a more diverse pool of talent.

“We believe that promoting inclusion and diversity in our industry is absolutely essential,” said Damon Jones, Vice President at Burke. “Not only will this program help build a legacy of success among minorities and their communities, but it will also help to strengthen our companies and the work that we provide. Incorporating new perspectives and unique experiences into our corporate cultures will make us, and our industry, more capable, more complete, and more versatile.”

The four firms will jointly establish partnerships with universities, junior colleges, and historically black colleges to provide opportunities for minority students to learn more about—and work within—the marketing research and insight industry. This exciting initiative will help the firms recruit and retain exceptional talent from around the region. Selected applicants will work toward achieving their desired career outcomes during the course of the internship, receiving guidance and support from leading industry professionals, as well as competitive compensation that is equal among the four firms.

More information on the Minority Access Partnership Program can be obtained from the contacts below. Additional details on the program will be released this summer.

Burke, Inc.
Megan Pokrywka

Directions Research
Lynn Lane

EMI Research Solutions
Brian Peterson

MarketVision Research
Bob Graff

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