Facility Details

Main Office Telephone:      (513) 791-3100
Facility Telephone:           (513) 794-3559
Facility Fax:                       (513) 794-3501

MarketVision conducts more than 500 qualitative research projects each year including focus groups, in-depth interviews (IDI’s), taste tests and product placements in our facility in Cincinnati, across the United States and around the world. We also have skilled moderators to conduct focus groups and in depth interviewing. Our Cincinnati facility is located in Blue Ash, a northern Cincinnati suburb located 30 miles from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Our Blue Ash Consumer Center includes the following amenities:
Focus Group Room #1:
Room is 16' x 24', with a tiered viewing room that is 23' x 36'
Viewing room seats 24 comfortably.
Viewing room also includes a dedicated PC with high-speed Internet lines.
Separate client lounge with closed circuit TV.
Video conferencing technology from FocusVision® 
Focus Group Room #2:
Room is 15' x 22', with a viewing room that is 16' x 20'
Viewing room seats 14 comfortably.
Separate client lounge with closed circuit TV.
IDI Room:
Room is 9' x 10'
Recruiting conducted in-house using database of 10,000+ consumers from the Cincinnati area.
Experienced Qualitative Staff dedicated to exceeding client expectation provides client service and field
management for domestic and international projects.

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