Facility Details

MarketVision Research’s state-of-the-art Cleveland facility is located in the beautiful Crown Center building in Independence, conveniently located just 15 minutes from Downtown Cleveland and the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.
The spacious focus group suite (18’ x 23’) can accommodate various types of qualitative research including focus groups and IDIs.  Technology-rich video and audio recording is included with facility rental.  We also provide top-rate recruiting from our proprietary database of over 9,500 consumers around the Cleveland area
The tiered viewing room (18’ x 20’) offers three-tiers of seating to comfortably hold 13 guests.  The sound-proof room features quality stereo equipment and first-class two-way mirrors with unobstructed views.  For our guests’ comfort there is also a lounge and patio with beautiful views of Downtown Cleveland.
Other amenities offered at this facility include free parking, Wi-Fi and close proximity to excellent hotels and restaurants.

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